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    Individual solutions for marking, inspection and automation

    • Automated and robotic single-purpose devices
    • Comprehensive solutions for marking, identification, tracking and inspection of products
    • Optimizing the efficiency of the marking process in every industry
    • Automation of all marking technologies from ink-jet through dot peen to laser
    • Customised software, PLC programming
    • Optical inspection
    • Integration into existing lines

    Single-purpose equipment

    We offer custom manufacturing of single-purpose equipment tailored to the needs of the customer.

    The equipment is designed and manufactured with respect to the requirements of the specific project so that it optimizes the effectiveness of the application. The equipment contains marking devices (laser, ink-jet, micro-percussion,…), control sensors, inspection cameras, required control and manipulation components, fixtures, or even a robot.

    The many years of our experience in the field of design, construction, manufacturing and PLC programming allow us to provide complex project design services in programs such as AutoCad, SolidWorks, SolidEdge, Pro/Engineer, Pro/intralink, Inventor, AutoCAD, CATIA V5, JetCAM, and to prepare technical, technological and accompanying documentation, programming services and so on.

    Station designed for marking printed heating elements

    A carousel station designed for marking printed heating elements. The station is controlled by factory programmed software. The station also includes generation of a serial number, which is checked by the reader after marking and stored in the database.

    Station cooperating with a robot

    A station cooperating with a robot, designed for marking moulded plastic headlights.

    Station for marking connectors

    A carousel station designed for marking connectors with marking check and identification. The station is controlled by factory programmed software and it also includes OK and NOK pieces sorting.

    Station for handling bushing

    A robotized workstation designed for automated evaluation of the product type and its subsequent marking with a unique 2D code.

    Transmission component marking station

    Single-purpose equipment for laser marking of transmission components with 2D codes and with a sliding mechanism to facilitate inserting and removing marked components.

    Headlight laser marking station

    A comprehensive workstation consisting of four separate stations for marking headlights with automatic change in description according to the type of fixture.

    Control Equipment

    Control equipment is designed to control the quality of the assembled product, installation of parts, completeness of assembly of the individual parts, and to check the accuracy of assembly.

    Such control is done mechanically or optically, either continuously or at the end of the assembly procedure.


    We design and manufacture customised automated production units.

    Our vision is to bring solutions that really increase efficiency, reduce costs and generate profit. 


    A comprehensive solution of the customer’s requirement for product marking, identification and tracking. výrobkov.

    Optimization of the effectiveness of the marking process in any industrial branch and any application.

    • Single-purpose equipment
    • Automation, robotization
    • Integration into current production lines
    • Software design
    • Machine vision


    Robotics is a crucial tool in increasing production effectiveness and competitiveness of small and medium-sized businesses.

    Only few innovative production projects can do without robotics these days. Production sites all over Slovakia are being equipped with modern complex robotic workstations. Our company is a part of that process and we offer our customers tailor-made comprehensive solutions with emphasis on specific requirements.

    We design and implement robotised workstations. We integrate KUKA robots into workstations or production lines. KUKA offers a wide range of industrial robots:

    • From the smallest ones with a load capacity from 3 kg, through high-performance with a load capacity of 6-22 kg, to the largest robots for handling components with a weight of up to 1,300 kg
    • 6-axis robots with various load capacity and range
    • Light-frame robots capable of direct human-machine cooperation
    • Palletization robots for quick manipulation
    • Robots for automation of pressing with enormous range for loading and unloading large parts into automated presses

    Machine Vision

    Machine vision systems are not only used for quality assurance, but they can also assess, decide and control processes to achieve the lowest error rate possible.

    They increase labour efficiency and reduce the risk of exporting a non-compliant part to the end customer, which reduces our customers’ costs. Monitoring procedures and the final inspection cannot do without camera systems these days. Reliability and speed are the main reasons for integrating camera systems. They are also suitable for application in spaces and conditions not suitable for people.

    The intelligent solutions for production monitoring, identification and quality assurance include:

    • Cameras
    • Code readers
    • Scanners
    • Security gates
    • Integrable systems

    PLC and Robot Programming

    Each production is specific and in addition to the supplier software included in the marking equipment, our software experts develop custom programs that allow for the optimization of the entire marking process..

    All the software design we develop can be connected to the existing corporate information systems and databases. We use the C# language in our program development. We program PLC Siemens, Schneider, FESTO, Omron, and the KUKA, ABB and FANUC robots.

    Modifications of Production Lines

    We carry out reconstructions of production and technological lines in order to shorten the machine cycle, reduce production times as well as increase capacity and reliability, including adjustments to currently valid norms and standards.

    Outsourcing specialists

    Thanks to our extensive experience in the field of design, construction, production and PLC programming, we provide comprehensive design services in SolidWorks, SolidEdge, Pro / Engineer, Inventor, AutoCAD, CATIA V5, processing of technical, technological and accompanying documentation, programming work, etc.